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Hip Replacement

Joe Cooper, MD

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In a total hip arthroplasty, the cartilage that lines the hip joint is a source of pain and is thus removed. The damaged ball of the hip joint is replaced with a metal ball that is attached to a metal stem, which is fitted in the femur. The socket of the hip (acetabulum) is replaced with a metal cup that has a plastic liner.

Primary joint reconstruction is the treatment of choice for patients suffering from degenerative joint disease that has failed conservative treatment. Total hip arthroplasty is the reconstruction, or replacement, of the hip joint. This is often done for those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or avascular necrosis. In a total joint arthroplasty, the damaged joint is removed and then replaced with an artificial joint. The objective of total joint replacement is to relieve the pain in the joint caused by the damaged cartilage. Since stiffness is a common symptom associated with joint disease, having one’s joint replaced will allow a better range of motion.